The way ahead

Today’s guest picture comes from my Australian correspondent Stephen.  He came across this striking flower on a walk in Sydney.  Mrs Tootlepedal tells me that it is a passion flower.  I looked it up and it is a Passion Flower caerulea – Passiflora. The original forecast for today had been for warm, calm and sunnyContinue reading “The way ahead”

A good start to October

Today’s guest picture is another from Dropscone’s highland holiday.  The weather wasn’t always what he would have wished but you can’t fault the views. We had a fine and sunny day here today so October was very welcome.  The temperature is autumnal and the garden was quite soggy when we got up but it driedContinue reading “A good start to October”

A pedal (and a walk) and a tootle

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother’s visit to Sydney on his way back to the UK from NZ.  He said it was hot there and here is the proof. It was far from hot here this morning and the thermometer was only just grazing 5°C when I set out for a pedal after breakfast. Continue reading “A pedal (and a walk) and a tootle”

Back on an even keel

Today’s picture shows Marlow Lock on the Thames and was taken by Mrs Tootlepedal on her phone with a slightly smudged lens. Figures released today show that we had 35%  more rain here than our yearly average in 2012.  Considering that we had two pretty well rainless months in spring, it says a lot forContinue reading “Back on an even keel”

Hard going

Today’s picture shows our visiting wood pigeon pulling itself up to its full height. It wasn’t freezing and it wasn’t raining this morning and the wind was less than gale force. All in all, it was a pretty good day and I naturally got the slow bike out after breakfast and set out on aContinue reading “Hard going”

Power to the people

Today’s picture shows autumn colour near Kenwood House in London.  It is another from my sister Mary’s morning walks. November is starting very well and today was the third pleasant, warm day in a row.  The weather gods have kindly arranged for it to rain during the night if it is going to rain atContinue reading “Power to the people”