A surprise

Today’s guest picture comes from my friend Ada’s recent trip to Tenerife. She met a hoopoe while she was there. We didn’t have a hoopoe here today, but we did have plenty of familiar birds on another chilly, grey morning. There was enough of a queue after breakfast to persuade a greenfinch to kick anContinue reading “A surprise”

Miserable day

Today’s picture shows a bridge over a local brook crossed by my brother on a recent walk near Banbury. It was snowing when we woke up this morning but it was insubstantial stuff and although it persisted for an hour or two, it disappeared from the ground as quickly as it had come.  The snowContinue reading “Miserable day”

Another sunny day

Today’s picture shows a clump of phlox in the garden at their best in the strong sunshine. Strong sunshine was not in short supply today.   It was there in the morning and it was there in the afternoon and it was still there in the evening.  We are making the most of it because theContinue reading “Another sunny day”