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Today’s guest picture comes from Mary Jo from Manitoba.  It is not a Canadian picture though.  She met this balletic hare on her trip to Londodn last year.

mj 1

It was a thoroughly rotten day here, very windy, very grey and either drizzling or  raining during the hours of daylight.

Even the birds were fed up and largely stayed at home, though a few goldfinches occasionally braved the weather in the slightly drier moments.


I stayed in and did nothing worth recording.  Indeed things were so quiet that we even spent the afternoon watching horse racing from Cheltenham and Doncaster on the telly.  This is an occasional pleasure for us and there is no doubting the superb athleticism of horses and riders.

A lone chaffinch just sneaked in as flying bird of the day….


…but in such  thin photographic times, I am very glad to able to add a couple of birds kindly sent to me by our sons today.

Alistair was at the zoo with Matilda…


…and Tony was on the shore with his dogs.


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