Another visitor

Today’s guest picture shows the Olympic swimming pool in the Olympic Park in London.  My sister Mary paid £1 for the privilege of viewing it.  She didn’t go for a swim. I had arranged to go for a morning pedal with Dropscone but he rang up to say that he had forgotten that he hadContinue reading “Another visitor”

Going through the mill

No guest picture today I am afraid as no one has sent me one.  Instead, here is an eye popping colour combination of peony and azalea. The weather turned out to be a lot better than the forecast and we had a fine sunny day with warm temperatures and a gentle wind.  It would haveContinue reading “Going through the mill”


Today’s picture, in the absence of any sent to me by others, shows the bunting in Langholm which has been put up in anticipation of our Common Riding, known as ‘Langholm’s Great Day’, which takes place on the last Friday in July. Our spell of good weather continued today but fortunately for Dropscone and myselfContinue reading “Steady”

Nothing doing

Today’s picture, sent by Gavin who is on holiday, shows a tower that houses barn owls.  I’ll have to up my bird feeder game to keep up with this sort of thing. We woke to a miserable wet and windy day.  It was a pity as it was our daughter’s last morning with us andContinue reading “Nothing doing”

A varied day

Today’s picture, sent by my sister Mary, shows a very curious animal in Regent’s Park. I had to get up early today. It wasn’t to go cycling though.  I had to take the keyboard back to Canonbie school so that it was ready for their Monday music lessons.  My daughter came with me for company. Continue reading “A varied day”

Elapsed time

Today’s picture features two highly decorative London ducks spotted by my daughter Annie some time ago but only forwarded to me recently. This morning did not quite go to plan.  Dropscone and I set out to go round the morning run in pleasantly dry, warm but cloudy weather.  I had my new GPS counter withContinue reading “Elapsed time”

Fly me to the moon

Today’s picture shows some Edinburgh gulls having a family outing at breakfast time  on the roof opposite my son Alistair’s flat. It was a windy, showery day today but if you picked your moment, there were opportunities to work and play.  I picked a dry spell to have another tentative pedal of thirteen miles justContinue reading “Fly me to the moon”

Fingers crossed

Today’s picture shows a wonderful contraption spotted by Bruce in Arran. I would like to thank everyone who took the trouble to comment on my wordless blog yesterday.  I can tell you that the original text which disappeared into the ether was a work of such sustained literary quality, brilliant insights and and wisdom justContinue reading “Fingers crossed”

New balls

Today’s picture shows Dropscone with two club-mates, Stewart and George, representing the Langholm Golf Club in a charity fourball at Southerness today.  Presumably the fourth member is taking the picture. In the end, we have passed through the forecast rain and gales of the last few days without getting too much of either and theContinue reading “New balls”

A day out

Today’s picture comes from my daughter Annie’s walks round the London Loop. This is a continuous walk round London and the latest section took in these Californian redwoods in Havering Country Park. Once again, the day started in a proper manner with a pedal round the morning circuit of 20.6 miles. The wind was strongerContinue reading “A day out”