A bit warmer

Today’s picture is a dandelion growing wild on the dam.  I have put it in out of desperation as it is the only new flower anywhere roundabout. We have lost the wonderfully cold and clear days and they have been replaced by hazier and slightly warmer days.  I was able to go out cycling thisContinue reading “A bit warmer”

Plenty of time for snaps

Today’s picture is another from my sister Susan’s recent trip to NZ and shows Mirror Lake a celebrated tourist attraction. We couldn’t match that sunshine today and with the now customary bitter east wind blowing vigorously, it was a rather cold, grey day but once again without any rain.  I couldn’t go cycling with DropsconeContinue reading “Plenty of time for snaps”

Just like the old days

Today’s picture shows the sort of weather that you don’t really want when your central heating is dead.  It was what we got. And the wind was gusting up to 40mph from the east.  Naturally I didn’t think of cycling in these conditions so I was very surprised (and impressed) when Dropscone turned up onContinue reading “Just like the old days”

Get up and go gone

Today’s picture shows the scene that greeted us when we rose. Although some spring flowers have indeed appeared…. ….the weather doesn’t seem to realise what date it is and keeps on thinking that it is still midwinter. The snow meant that I was confined to barracks when Mrs Tootlepedal went off to sing in theContinue reading “Get up and go gone”

A hard day’s work

Today’s picture comes from a walk in Kew Gardens by my sister Mary on a rare sunny day in London.  They don’t do crocuses by halves down there. Our sun had disappeared today and we were issued with a standard winter day, cold and grey and with a very piercing east wind.  The threatened rainContinue reading “A hard day’s work”

Very early to bed

Today’s picture shows Maisie enjoying a zucchini and spinach soup.  She is an example to us all in the matter of eating our greens. A reasonable night’s sleep had done nothing to make me less tired and I had to turn down an opportunity to go cycling with Dropscone as I wasn’t fit to faceContinue reading “Very early to bed”

Free at last (but only on parole)

Today’s picture, kindly sent to me by Keith from Canada, shows a nearly finished ice sculpture.  He said that he thought of me when he saw it.  I can’t think why. We are in a run of cold dry weather at the moment which is a very welcome break after all the wet weather.  ItContinue reading “Free at last (but only on parole)”

Getting on

Today’s picture, from my sister Mary, shows my sister Susan standing beside the golden postbox in Dunblane, a tribute to local boy and Olympic gold medallist Andy Murray.  She had to queue to get this opportunity. There were forecasts of rain. There were reports of heavy showers in Dumfries, 30 miles to the west. RainContinue reading “Getting on”