A kindly wind

Today’s guest picture comes from my friend Bruce who was impressed by this polite message on an Edinburgh tram…especially as the delay was only for three minutes. The jet stream is currently rushing down one side of the British Isles and up the other, trapping some quite chilly air over the top of us andContinue reading “A kindly wind”

The last day of summer

Today’s guest picture comes from our neighbour Gavin who met these sea creatures while on a walking holiday in the west. According to the forecast, the weather for the rest of the week and beyond is going to be cold, wet and windy so we tried to make good use of a very pleasant dayContinue reading “The last day of summer”


Today’s guest picture comes from the camera of Mrs Tootlepedal.  She bicycled off after church to help with some archaeological surveying at a Roman camp near the town and noticed this painted lady butterfly on the way. I was in a rather creaky state when I woke up and after breakfast I resolved to seeContinue reading “Disjointed”

An eponymous day

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Jennie, my New Zealand correspondent.  She is rubbing in the point that as we here head to autumn and winter, the first rays of spring sunshine are seeping into her kitchen over there.  The freesias are out in her garden. In spite of the onset of autumn,Continue reading “An eponymous day”

Busy doing nothing

Today’s guest picture was taken by my brother Andrew who was visiting Uttoxeter.  He is working his way back to fitness after a health setback and instead of climbing big hills, he is lurking in the lowlands at present…..and not visiting hostelries, however attractive. We had a day with no engagements in the diary atContinue reading “Busy doing nothing”

Common or garden pictures

Today’s guest picture was actually taken today by my daughter on her Backberry  in Devon where she is on holiday.  It shows Woody Bay. It was a lovely day here too and Dropscone and I made the most of it by cycling out to Gair and back for our morning run.  It was one ofContinue reading “Common or garden pictures”

The best laid schemes…

Today’s guest picture, from the camera of my brother, shows my sister-in-law Catherine enjoying a well earned rest on a walk near Leicester. It was another very reasonable day today, suitable for cycling and lawn mowing but natural sloth and the demands of other business meant that I neither cycled nor mowed.  Getting up lateContinue reading “The best laid schemes…”

A slow day

Today’s picture, kindly sent by Tuckamoredew, shows a handful of hailstones that he picked up after a  thunderstorm last night.  What fun they have in Canada. We couldn’t have been further from hailstones here today with another day of wall to wall sunshine.  I had hoped to take advantage of the fine weather by puttingContinue reading “A slow day”

Slow pedal, good tootle

After yesterday’s exciting picture of the hobby horses in the Banbury Mayor’s procession, here is the mayor himself walking through a crowd of well wishers. I’m glad that my brother lives in Banbury and not I.  The excitement might be too much for me. Here, on a another warm and sunny day, I avoided tooContinue reading “Slow pedal, good tootle”