Messing about with the buttons

Today’s guest picture shows a peacock which was observed by Dropscone on a visit to Leeds Castle in Kent during  his recent holiday. Although there were hints of sunshine offered by the weather forecast for today, they were not forthcoming in actuality and we had a chilly, grey day with a nipping east wind. IContinue reading “Messing about with the buttons”

Hard going

Dropscone did Forth bridges while he was in Edinburgh.  He went over the rail bridge by train, walked back over the mile long road bridge on foot and found time to take this artistic misty picture of the new crossing in between times. We had another fine day today but it was decidedly chilly andContinue reading “Hard going”

The Met Office having a laugh

Today’s guest picture is a second look at the Chew Valley Lake by Venetia.  It shows the surface of the water dotted with what she thinks is a vast quantity of coots. We had one of those days today which are politely described as “changeable” but which might more honestly be described as utterly miserable.Continue reading “The Met Office having a laugh”

Singing in the rain

Today’s guest picture comes from my neighbour Gavin who is on holiday in Jersey.  This is the Corbiere lighthouse. As it was Sunday today, Mrs Tootlepedal went off to sing in the church choir and I made a lamb stew in the slow cooker.  There had been some sunny moments while I cooked so IContinue reading “Singing in the rain”

Show time

Today’s guest picture shows the interior of Selby Abbey in Yorkshire which my brother visited last week.  If that is a red carpet, the Abbey carpet cleaner obviously does a very good job. It was raining when Sandy and I went down to Canonbie early in the morning to put up our pictures for theContinue reading “Show time”

A little work

Today’s guest picture shows a beautiful lake in Snowdonia.  It was taken by my sister Mary on her recent trip to Wales with my brother Andrew and sister Susan. Our spell of warm dry weather continued but so did the strong wind.  In the absence of any morning sunshine, I thought that it would beContinue reading “A little work”

A sure sign of spring

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Elizabeth, Dropscone’s sister who is on an extensive tour of Scottish islands.  As she knows that I like a bridge, she took a shot of this one over the North Sannox Burn on Arran. The weather gods were really sorry about the rough winds that made theContinue reading “A sure sign of spring”

Bike care

Today’s guest picture shows Dropscone’s grandson Leo on the starting line for the Langholm Grand Prix. The promised rain is still holding off and it was another calm, grey day, ideal for cycling today.  Sadly, I had arranged to take my bikes down to the bike shop in Longtown for their annual service so cyclingContinue reading “Bike care”

A day well spent

Today’s guest picture reveals that diver Tony was swimming with sharks in the aquarium at Queensferry near Edinburgh.   He tells me that he thoroughly enjoyed it and will not miss his left foot at all*. We had a rare day of calm and pleasant weather today.  I perhaps should have spent more of it cyclingContinue reading “A day well spent”

A well chosen moment

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Dropscone and shows his fine looking grandson Leo, who was visiting last weekend. The letters WWW may have a common meaning in today’s wired up world but to us in Langholm they stand for Warm, Wet and Windy and we had another WWW day today. The morningContinue reading “A well chosen moment”