Not such a big gale (Abigail)

Today’s guest picture comes from a visit to Manchester by my brother Andrew last month.  It shows (from left to right) a trendy bar, a canal lock and an elevated tram station. After the strong winds and heavy rain of yesterday evening, we were relieved to wake up to a merely brisk wind and blueContinue reading “Not such a big gale (Abigail)”

A certain lack of vitamin D

Today’s guest picture was kindly sent to me by Southampton blogger, Marie and shows the view from her window on a recent visit to Canada.  She must be a bit fed up to be back home if her weather is anything like ours. On the swings and roundabouts principle, the weather gods are certainly makingContinue reading “A certain lack of vitamin D”

England under a cloud

Today’s guest picture is the last in the series of my sister Mary’s London park shots.  (I am now out of guest pictures and would welcome contributions from kind readers.) It was another still and misty day when I got up but there was no chance of an early pedal as I had to takeContinue reading “England under a cloud”

Hopes drifted away

Today’s guest picture is another from my sister Mary’s collection of views of London’s parks.  This one shows Kenwood at the top of Hampstead Heath. The forecast was for another grey but dry day and I had hopes of getting a cycle ride in but things occurred which postponed this. The first postponement was causedContinue reading “Hopes drifted away”

A straightforward but circular day

Today’s guest picture shows a hyacinth macaw which my Somerset correspondent Venetia met.  She didn’t meet it in Somerset though.  She is currently in the Pantanal, the Brazilian wetlands. We had a first rate autumn morning here, with blue skies and a crisp temperature.  At 6°C this gave me a problem.  Cycling was on myContinue reading “A straightforward but circular day”

Getting the picture

In the absence of any guest pictures, I am repairing an omission for which I was rebuked by a reader after my Common Riding post. This is a shot of the Chinook helicopter which flew low over the town to check what was going on in the middle of the proceedings yesterday . Life wasContinue reading “Getting the picture”

A sight for sore eyes

Today’s guest picture was not taken by a guest but by me when I was a guest in someone else’s garden this evening. It was gloomy and damp when we got up but at least the wind had dropped so it felt warmer than the 11 degrees on the thermometer indicated. The weather wasn’t muchContinue reading “A sight for sore eyes”

Showing up

Today’s guest picture comes from my Somerset correspondent, Venetia.  She visited Ham Quarry on a geological outing and was delighted to see that wild flowers survived among the stone. I am finding it hard to leap out of bed at the crack of dawn these days, partly because of old age no doubt and partlyContinue reading “Showing up”

Busy doing nothing

Today’s guest picture was taken by my brother Andrew who was visiting Uttoxeter.  He is working his way back to fitness after a health setback and instead of climbing big hills, he is lurking in the lowlands at present…..and not visiting hostelries, however attractive. We had a day with no engagements in the diary atContinue reading “Busy doing nothing”

Feeling the heat

Today’s picture, sent to me by her mother Clare, shows Matilda adopting the only possible solution to coping with  some unusually warm weather in Edinburgh by sitting in a frying pan. It was 28°C here today, which coming after the many recent weeks of 13°C was both surprising and a little hard to take.  StillContinue reading “Feeling the heat”