The wonderful world of water

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my son Tony.  Being the proud owner of a tradesman’s van himself, he was amused by this inscription on the back of an Edinburgh ambulance. It was a day of strong winds and continuous rain so I was happy to invite Sandy round for a cup ofContinue reading “The wonderful world of water”


Today’s guest picture is from September.   I needed a drop of sunshine to cheer me up so I have picked one from my sister Mary’s portfolio.  It comes from a visit to Budleigh Salterton Once again, the drumming of raindrops on the roof was the accompaniment to our breakfast but as the forecast wasContinue reading “Unreliable”

Falling leaves

Today’s guest picture comes from the son of my friend Sue and shows the very impressive container (used only once on the trip from Hong Kong) which Sue has had craned into her garden.  She will transmogrify it into a garden room and office. We have been blessed with an unexpected rise in temperatures andContinue reading “Falling leaves”

We’re having a heat wave

Today’s guest picture is of a guest, not by a guest.  It was actually taken by me and shows Anne, who took yesterday’s guest picture of the hummingbird hawkmoth, chatting to Mrs Tootlepedal over the garden hedge about the excitement of the sighting. After the energetic activity of the last two days, I rose lateContinue reading “We’re having a heat wave”


Today’s guest picture is a detail from a photograph taken by my sister Mary showing the evening sunlight illuminating St Paul’s Cathedral across the Thames. We had heard the heavy rain battering the house overnight and it was still going strong when we got up.  Mrs Tootlepedal was up well before six o’clock to makeContinue reading “Surprise”

The news from the joints is good

Today’s picture shows Guthrie with whom I had a cup of tea in the afternoon. The glorious sunshine of yesterday had gone but it was still a reasonably warm and dry day.  I had arranged to cycle with Dropscone if my joints had recovered from yesterday’s efforts and happily they were quite well enough toContinue reading “The news from the joints is good”