The return of summer

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my Newcastle correspondent and shows her daughter Hannah with a square blue tit nest from their square blue tit nest box.  Earlier in the year some square blue tits had nested in it. It was a warm and pleasant day with light winds and no threat ofContinue reading “The return of summer”

Pedalling over the Lyne

Today’s guest picture is another shot of the appalling working conditions my daughter has had to put up with in Venice. I had been asked by the minister if I would care to accompany him by bicycle to Lanercost where he attends a morning service on Wednesdays.  As he now owns a Bianchi bicycle, IContinue reading “Pedalling over the Lyne”

Assisted resting

Today’s guest picture is a colourful train which my friend Bruce and his wife caught when on their recent holiday in the south.  It went from Newquay to Par (and back). I had a day of rest today. Mrs Tootlepedal achieved a bird in the hand… …but not quite in the way that she wished. Continue reading “Assisted resting”

Pedalling by proxy

Today’s guest picture was very kindly sent to me by Steve, the author of the There and Back Again blog, much missed since he discontinued it.  The handsome bridge in the picture is on the Manassas Battlefield and crosses Bull Run Creek, the site of the first major battle of the American Civil War (July,Continue reading “Pedalling by proxy”

Sing, sing, sing

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Gavin who has been in the viallge of Reeth in Swaledale.  He points out that the first stage of the Tour de France goes through this village and hopes that the peleton will have a clearer view of what is a road and what is roof thanContinue reading “Sing, sing, sing”

Good timing

Today’s picture is another view from London.  This time it shows autumn in Kenwood as seen by my sister Mary. The forecast for today followed a familiar pattern.  It promised reasonable weather if you got up early and got out promptly followed by progressively wetter and windier weather for the rest of the daylight hours.Continue reading “Good timing”

Saddle up and westward ho!

Today’s guest picture is another from my sister Susan’s recent trip to Croatia.  She remarks that it is a scenic spot for a car park. The forecast promised us a day of sunshine and light winds and the forecast was exactly right.  This came as a welcome relief in a spell of strong winds andContinue reading “Saddle up and westward ho!”


Today’s picture was sent to me by Dropscone who was officiating at the Scottish Boys Golf Championships last week when rain stopped play.  I assume that there was no hint of lightning about. If there had been any play here today, rain would have stopped that too as it was quite wet in the morning. Continue reading “Peckish”

Water, water everywhere

Today’s picture was sent by daughter Annie.  She was at the Kennington Oval tonight to watch Surrey play Hampshire.  After the game she was of the opinion that Surrey were complete bobbins.  I don’t think that this is a compliment. Our spell of hit, sunny weather continued and Dropscone appeared on cue for a morningContinue reading “Water, water everywhere”

Elapsed time

Today’s picture features two highly decorative London ducks spotted by my daughter Annie some time ago but only forwarded to me recently. This morning did not quite go to plan.  Dropscone and I set out to go round the morning run in pleasantly dry, warm but cloudy weather.  I had my new GPS counter withContinue reading “Elapsed time”