Driven not to despair but to Warrington

Today’s picture, taken by my sister Mary yesterday on a sunny walk in London, shows the rich and mighty competing to see who can build the silliest looking building.   The building on the extreme left is hors de compétition. I’ve not much to say about today as it was mostly spent in driving Granny toContinue reading “Driven not to despair but to Warrington”

Infernal cheek

Today’s picture shows Granny in our garden.  It was taken by Mrs Tootlepedal using Granny’s iPad.  Granny has been video conferencing with her son in the Scilly Isles today.   Even the harshest judge would have to admit that she looks and acts pretty sprightly for 96. The weather was as cheerful as Granny todayContinue reading “Infernal cheek”

Damp squib

Today’s picture is from the heart of London, sent by my sister Mary from one of her walks. This is the end of the Regent’s Canal at Limehouse Basin. It’s a far cry from the London docks of 50 years ago. I had arranged to go cycling early this morning but the weather was veryContinue reading “Damp squib”