One up, one down

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother’s stopover in Dubai last month.  It shows a less familiar side of the town. It was an up and down day here as I got up and came down and went out but Mrs Tootlepedal succumbed to the bug and having got up and come down, thenContinue reading “One up, one down”

Winding through the countryside

Today’s guest picture shows a pair of well known people whom my brother and his wife met in Madrid. I myself met a well known person (to me at least) when Dropscone appeared after breakfast, ready for the morning run.  It was a bit warmer than it has been so there was no danger ofContinue reading “Winding through the countryside”


Today’s picture comes from my ever travelling brother.  He is in Madrid with his wife at the moment.  He went to a concert with a modern piece of music based on some of the writing of Kafka.  He said that Kafka sounded a bit depressed but not as depressed as some of the audience whoContinue reading “Tired”

No time to spare

Today’s picture was sent to me by my brother from Florence.  It is a picture taken by his son Dan. It was another reasonable day here, if a little chilly and the grass anemometer…. …showed that the wind had dropped a bit. I am much recovered from my cold but my chest was still tooContinue reading “No time to spare”

Intermittently busy

Today’s picture comes from a trip that two of my sisters took with my brother to Hanbury Hall which is just off the M5.  His picture shows the house, built in 1701, and the reconstructed garden. We couldn’t match that sort of weather here.  The day started not too badly but just as I wasContinue reading “Intermittently busy”

In and out

Today’s picture is another of a really splendid set of Lake District pictures that my brother sent to me after his recent trip.  This shows Buttermere village taken from a hill that he was coming down. My longest excursion of the day was a walk up to the town to visit the exhibition of ‘artContinue reading “In and out”