Back to normal

Today’s guest picture which was sent by my brother-in-law Mike, shows his granddaughter Lara practising to be a ton up kid. After the excitements of yesterday, life retuned to normal today and Dropscone appeared promptly after breakfast and we went off for our usual morning run.  The weather kept up its recent record of beingContinue reading “Back to normal”

More than one flying bird

I am out of up to date guest pictures so I have resorted to a very narrow bridge over the river Dove which was crossed by my brother Andrew last month.   I am grateful for his generous supply of photographs It was a pleasantly sunny morning but sadly it was marred by an unpleasantly chillyContinue reading “More than one flying bird”

No icing on the cake

Today’s picture shows some creatures encountered by my daughter Annie when she was out on a cycle ride in London.  These big cities are dangerous places. I just had time to pop along the road to the producers’ market in the Buccleuch Centre and take a few flower pictures for the record before it startedContinue reading “No icing on the cake”

Back in the groove

Today’s picture, kindly sent to me by Tom Elliot, a Langholm exile in South Africa, shows a rather larger cat than the ones that try to eat the birds in my gatden. I had been feeling a bit tired yesterday and I had slept badly last night but today, the magic of pedalling when IContinue reading “Back in the groove”

A proper Monday with a pedal and a tootle

Today’s picture, taken by my brother, shows my sister in law Catherine looking very regal in front of Frogmore House, a royal residence in Windsor. The day started as it should with the arrival of Dropscone and a pedal round the morning run. There was a noticeable west wind blowing today which we like, asContinue reading “A proper Monday with a pedal and a tootle”

Hopes dashed

Today’s  picture shows three of Dropscone’s relatives on Gavin’s recent wet holiday.  For security reasons I cannot tell you which ones are the relatives. Once again, in spite of very wet weather elsewhere, we had a pleasant sunny day today, this time with no passing showers at all.  Following the doctor’s prescription to take aContinue reading “Hopes dashed”

Just a drop

Today’s picture is of a stile crossed by my brother Andrew when he came to it. It was another dark, dank day today with rain either coming down, just having stopped coming down or just being about to start coming down.  As a result I took the idea of resting to rather extreme lengths andContinue reading “Just a drop”

Return to the scene of the crime

Today’s picture is another from my sister Mary’s recent trip to Wales. It was another pretty good day today with just a spot of rain.  Our B and B visitors told us that they had driven through some terrible rain showers to get here so for once we can’t complain about getting more rain thanContinue reading “Return to the scene of the crime”

Good sense prevails

Both my brother and my eldest sister have been on their travels again and have provided me with many pictures.  Today’s shows a fine sunset in Avoriaz in France where my brother went skiing. We had yet another fine mid summer day in March today and it was enough to encourage me to say yesContinue reading “Good sense prevails”