A small host

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by my daughter Annie, shows a tree surgeon cutting up the eucalyptus tree that was blown over in their garden by the recent gales.  Sadly, it makes for poor burning so all of it will go to shredding. After two days of sunshine in Langholm, the meteorological authorities, fearingContinue reading “A small host”


Today’s guest picture is another from my sister Mary’s trip to Brighton.  It shows that a trip to the end of Brighton pier would end with very wet feet. We had a miserable day of weather here, raining when we got up and still raining even harder when I write this in the evening.  IContinue reading “Trapped”

All the ingredients

Today’s guest picture comes from my neighbour Liz and shows a Spanish butterfly which she met on holiday. We couldn’t run to any butterflies here but we did get a reasonable February day with a temperature of 6°C and not a drop of rain all day.  There was a brisk drying wind and all sortsContinue reading “All the ingredients”


Today’s guest picture comes from Bruce who is obviously still  having a good time in Norfolk..  He found this friendly cafe in Wells-next-the Sea. I made a serious effort not to do anything to make my cold worse today.  The very strong wind may also have helped me to avoid the temptation to go cycling. Continue reading “Recuperating”

Extremely chilly

Today’s picture, sent by my sister Mary from her morning walk, shows a couple of ducks resting in a puddle.  They have had more rain in London than we have had here. We had another day without rain but to make up for that,  a very light snow was falling when we woke.  So lightContinue reading “Extremely chilly”