The flowers that bloom in the spring, tra la!

Today’s guest picture shows a child friendly door that took Mary Jo’s fancy on her visit to Copenhagen.  Clever marketing. We could hardly believe it when we got another warm and pleasant day today.  It made cycling to church to sing in the choir a treat and gave us every incentive to get out inContinue reading “The flowers that bloom in the spring, tra la!”

A good start and a good finish. The less said about the middle, the better.

Today’s guest picture comes from Dropscone’s sister, Elizabeth, who took advantage of a recent sunny day to climb up a hill and look down on the town. Our warm spell continued but in the absence of any sunshine. I had a busy morning, starting with a trip to the producers’ market to stock up onContinue reading “A good start and a good finish. The less said about the middle, the better.”

Progression of a sort

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Liz, a professional gardener.  It shows what can be done in a miserable spring if you have the right facilities, in this case a polytunnel,  and green fingers.  Liz is Mike Tinker’s daughter and he kindly forwarded the picture to me. No one could accuse our weatherContinue reading “Progression of a sort”

Taking the long view

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by Irving, shows the Black Esk reservoir which provides us with our drinking water.  I have often meant to visit it but never have so perhaps this will spur me into action. We had another frosty morning heralding another beautifully calm and sunny day and we tried to makeContinue reading “Taking the long view”

A long and windy road

Today’s guest picture is another of our daughter Annie’s London scenes. This shows the former St Stephen’s Tower, now properly called the Elizabeth Tower, which houses the great bell, Big Ben.  You usually just look at the clock while passing and ignore all the amazingly intricate work on the tower itself. We had a veryContinue reading “A long and windy road”

Cool and calm

Today’s guest picture is a shy creature, spied on the edge of town by my friend Bruce. We had another calm, dry day today but it was much too cold for me to think about cycling as it had been below zero over night and was still hovering at about 2° well into the morning. Continue reading “Cool and calm”

The digital made flesh

Today’s guest picture comes from Dropscone’s recent visit to Majorca.  He was very proud to have seen a bird while he was there and this is it. I might have gone for a cycle ride this morning but I was waylaid by an offer of treacle scones and settled for mowing two lawns instead.  ItContinue reading “The digital made flesh”

An unexpected visit

Today’s guest picture was sent to me a couple of days ago by my neighbour  Bruce, who is on his Mediterranean cruise.  It shows the island of Crete.  He adds that the temperature was 31 degrees C. We returned to rather chillier times here today and the thermometer struggled to get over 13° .  AsContinue reading “An unexpected visit”

A slow day

Today’s guest picture, in response to yesterday’s, comes from my South African correspondent Tom and shows that anyone and his niece can be found on the top of Blencathra in the mist.  This was last summer. I had a day that was at once quite busy but also quite peaceful.  It was raining in theContinue reading “A slow day”

More brick wall banging

Today’s guest picture shows one of several fords which my brother met while out with his walking group on a wet walk the other day.  He took the handy side bridge but some bold walkers marched straight through. On the plus side, our dry spell continued even though the wind has moved round and onContinue reading “More brick wall banging”