Three journeys

Today’s guest picture shows a newspaper headline spotted in Hull by my friend Bruce, who is on a tour of interesting places in England.  He remarks that it is not a headline that he has seen before.  I remark that it must be hard to keep a flying goldfish in a bowl. It was aContinue reading “Three journeys”

Three shades of grey

I am breaking with my usual practice of having a single guest picture by having two guest pictures today as I thought that they make an interesting contrast.  They were both taken today by a Mary but they are world’s apart.  The very efficient snow clearing routine in Brandon came from my correspondent Mary JoContinue reading “Three shades of grey”

Dashing off in all directions

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary who was visiting the Olympic Park in east London.  It has been revamped as a public park after the Olympics.  I really liked this picture because you often see implausibly delightful realisations by architects of what their groundworks will look like but in this case, the realityContinue reading “Dashing off in all directions”

From Esk to Teviot

Today’s guest picture, sent to me from Hathersage by my friend Bruce, is a curious street scene. It is only when you realise that it is part of a staged exhibition of street furniture designed by David Mellor that it makes some sense. For one reason or another, I wasn’t feeling at my peak whenContinue reading “From Esk to Teviot”

A bright afternoon

Today’s guest picture is another of the pond in Regent’s park. It was taken by my sister Mary who wants to point out the charm of  added coots. Once again our weather was lacking a bit of charm in the morning, being grey and windy with occasional rain.  I wasn’t tempted onto my bicycle asContinue reading “A bright afternoon”

A bird in the hand

Today’s guest picture is a scan of the birthday card my brother would have sent me if events and illness had not conspired against him.  It is very suitable.   Now I’ll have to try to remember to send him one next year. Birds were on my mind when I got up as Dr  Cat BarlowContinue reading “A bird in the hand”

Not bird watching

Today’s picture shows Wauchope Cottage on midsummer day.  A rare example of things being how they should be. If you have to have a long day, this was the sort of long day you want.  Cool and cloudy in the morning while I was cycling and sunny thereafter.  Perfect. I had to cycle by myselfContinue reading “Not bird watching”

The first and probably the last day of summer.

Today’s picture shows a sunlit Ewes valley. The day was like this from the very start.  Dropscone told me later that he had done 25 miles on the bike before breakfast.  I had a blood test so I couldn’t start out until that had been done.  At about ten o’clock, I went round the morningContinue reading “The first and probably the last day of summer.”

A tootle and a pedal (but not in that order).

Today’s picture is an improved view, taken by my sister Mary during a walk in better weather, of the magnolia at Kenwood. We had yet another dry day here too but in contrast to yesterday, the sun didn’t make it through the clouds apart from an hour or so in the morning.  We are inContinue reading “A tootle and a pedal (but not in that order).”