The rain it raineth every day….and all that jazz

Today’s picture was taken by my brother Andrew recently in Norfolk and shows his wife, Catherine taking the dry route across the ford with her bicycle. It rained again today.  It rained often.  It rained heavily.  It did stop about 3 o’clock in the afternoon but only after the heaviest downpour of the day. ThereContinue reading “The rain it raineth every day….and all that jazz”

Drip feed

Today’s picture shows my sister-law Cathy’s nephew, who is visiting Britain from NZ, proudly holding an Olympic torch.  He hadn’t carried it himself but he was in a pub in Rye when he met someone who had  and they kindly gave him the opportunity to be a momentary torch bearer. We were sent back toContinue reading “Drip feed”

Very poor behaviour

Today’s picture, forwarded to me by my sister Susan, was taken by her friend Rachel on a trip round London.  It shows the imperial pretensions of the rich.  This used to be docklands. It was a dismal day again today.  It rained from morning to night and when Mrs Tootlepedal went off to work afterContinue reading “Very poor behaviour”