An arrival and a farewell

Today’s guest picture is a glimpse of the Regent Canal at Camden, kindly sent to me by my sister Mary. We had been threatened by heavy rain and gales in the morning, courtesy of storm Dylan but once again we got off very lightly with no more than a stiff breeze and no rain atContinue reading “An arrival and a farewell”

Mirror image

Today’s guest picture comes from our daughter Annie.  She is working hard in Zurich at the moment but found time to admire this trio of trees ageing differentially. Yesterday we had a sunny morning and a grey afternoon (and by the time that we went to bed, the inevitable rain had returned).  Today we hadContinue reading “Mirror image”

Sun , sea and sand

I stole today’s fine guest picture from Sandy without asking him so I hope he is not cross.  I used it because it shows the view across the Lothians towards the Forth and you can just see where we are staying in the background on the far shore. We woke to strong winds and poundingContinue reading “Sun , sea and sand”

Under the rainbow

Today’s guest picture is the last from Tom’s wild life adventures in South Africa. We had another late start today but it didn’t matter much because it was miserable, wet and nasty morning, not fit for anything other than sitting over the breakfast table and doing the crossword.  We managed to get breakfast finished inContinue reading “Under the rainbow”

Two tech surprises

Today’s guest picture shows Dropscone’s granny’s rocking chair which his son has recently got re-upholstered. I could have done with a rocking chair myself this morning as it was too wet and windy to be attractive to a cyclist.  As a result I spent the morning watching and waiting as breakfast morphed seamlessly into morningContinue reading “Two tech surprises”

How to do nothing

Today’s picture is another from my younger son (he is quite a bit older than 12)’s LEGO set.  The beaver has been magically transformed into an eagle swooping from a stormy sky.  He is knocked out by the creative and engineering skills of the makers. We had some grey skies of our own this morningContinue reading “How to do nothing”

All change

Today’s picture, taken by my sister Mary while on a walk, shows my sister Susan striding up Primrose Hill with all of London laid out behind her on a glorious day to welcome the start of the new year. Things looked good here too at the start of the day with a generous helping ofContinue reading “All change”

Yellow sky at night

Today’s picture, from another outing of my sister Mary, shows Windsor Great Park. It was a decent day today and I took the opportunity to put a vast pile of Mrs Tootlepedal’s garden cuttings through the shredder. There was a good mixture of green stuff and woody stems so the results should compost well. AlthoughContinue reading “Yellow sky at night”