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Today’s guest picture comes from our friend Mike Tinker, who with his wife Alison  is visiting family in New Zealand.  He sent me this picture of a sunset at Bach and kindly added that the temperature there was 26 degrees.  It is zero here!

Bach sunset

A very rare thing happened today; I didn’t take any photographs.  The sun was out and it was a bright and chilly day so it would have been an ideal opportunity to take some exciting moss pictures but for once I had better things to do all day than take photos.

We started off by going to sing in the church choir and had a very varied selection of hymns, psalms and anthems to sing.  The service was conducted by a visiting ‘eco-preacher’ and it was hard to disagree with his view that we all might have some responsibility to respond to the ongoing climate changes.

We had a practice after the service and then we had to rush home to get a bite to eat before setting off to Carlisle where the Carlisle Community Choir had a five hour ‘singing day’.

This was hard work but fun and useful too as a preparation for our visit to a choral competition in Manchester next week.

My face stood up to all this activity very well and the bruises round my eye are starting to heal already.  The only unfortunate thing is that half my face is sliding inexorably down towards my chin….

bike face

….giving me a rather lopsided look.

Insult was added to injury by my phone camera bringing up a heading saying “Beauty Face” as it took the shot.

The whole accident has turned out to be remarkably pain free so I can only suggest that  the torrent of good wishes from kind hearted readers, choir members and friends in the town must have had a beneficially curative effect.

In the complete absence of any interesting pictures, the flying bird of the day is represented by a small pot of snowdrops which Mrs Tootlepedal brought into the house yesterday.  When I am not banging my head on the tarmac or singing all day,  I shall try to take a better picture.



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