The pick of the crop

Today’s guest picture is another from Bruce’s visit to the south west of England.  He saw this black swan at Dawlish.  He tells me that before he saw this actual black swan, he had thought that all black swans were public houses. The main business of the day was taking Granny to Newcastle Airport soContinue reading “The pick of the crop”

Flying a kite

Today’s guest picture is not sent by a guest but is a tribute to our own guest, Mauri, Mrs Tootlepedal’s mother, who is going home tomorrow after her two week stay with us.  She is a remarkable lady of 97 and truly fits the description of Special Grandma. Since it was Granny’s last day withContinue reading “Flying a kite”

Post diluvian travels

Today’s guest picture shows two contrasting transport systems  as recorded by my brother on his recent visit to Spain. We used a combination of rail and bus ourselves today.  After a convivial breakfast with my nephew Dan and my son Tony with his partner Marianne and her son Dylan…. …who were all getting ready toContinue reading “Post diluvian travels”