Rained off

Today’s flower is another bergania. They spring unnoticed from beneath cabbage like leaves. We were greeted by howling wind and lashing rain when we woke and after a brief telephone consultation, Dropscone and I wisely decided that the day was not suitable for the morning cycle. As a result I spent some time after breakfastContinue reading “Rained off”

Down came the rain

Today’s picture shows a lofty view of London and was taken by my sister Susan from New Zealand House where she was at a function. You can see Nelson’s Column if you look carefully. She was mixing in High Society As forecast, the rain was pouring down as I woke. We were promised a shortContinue reading “Down came the rain”

A storm of siskins

Today’s picture is another from my sister Mary’s recent holiday in the Lake District. I put it in as a contrast to the gloomy weather we have had here today. The picture shows Grasmere. We were promised gentle rain and a light breeze this morning but I woke up to no rain and a vigorousContinue reading “A storm of siskins”

Dropscone drops in

Today’s picture is a positive clump of daffodils. In spite of the show of daffodils, it was a pretty chilly morning once again. It was only just above freezing when I had my porridge and I had to wait for the temperature to get above 3º before I set out on the morning ride. BecauseContinue reading “Dropscone drops in”

I can see clearly now

Today’s picture, taken by Mrs Tootlepedal as she came home from her walk, shows the author at work through the sitting room window. The ointment provided by the hospital had had a very good effect on my eye so that when I woke up it was pain free which was a blessing. It was rainingContinue reading “I can see clearly now”

Magnum opera

Today’s picture shows a log lorry politely waiting behind some cows while going to pick up logs above Gaskell’s It just goes to show that it is not always cyclists who hold lorries up. It was a quiet, non windy, non rainy start to the day but unfortunately this meant that the ground was coveredContinue reading “Magnum opera”

Windy weather

Today’s picture is of an inquisitive horse we met on our walk I had arranged to take the car into the garage this morning so I was unable to join Dropscone and Chuck as they went round the morning run. As I was dealing with the car in town, I saw Chuck pedalling by onContinue reading “Windy weather”

A day of action

Today’s picture, taken by Dropscone, shows me practising my putting before playing nine holes of golf this afternoon. The day started with a bonus as Chuck Muir joined Dropscone and me  for our morning ride. It was still pretty cool but there was no danger of meeting black ice so we wrapped up well andContinue reading “A day of action”

Definitely the last of the marmalade

Today’s picture shows the frosty view from our bedroom window. I have never seen the trees looking so beautiful as they were this morning. Marmalade making was the order of the day once more. As you can see from the picture, cycling wasn’t an attractive option at all. We didn’t soak the oranges overnight thisContinue reading “Definitely the last of the marmalade”