Well guided

Today’s guest picture comes from Mary Jo in Manitoba and shows some very unusual melting ice beside a gravel road. We had another warm and sunny day here, which was just as well as the main business of the day was a good walk in the hills. I had time to enjoy the play ofContinue reading “Well guided”

A standard Sunday cycle ride (at the wrong time)

Today’s guest picture comes from my Somerset correspondent, Venetia who has been up to town where she visited the newish Design Museum in Holland Park with my sister Mary.  I wonder if the very large sign reflects a lack of confidence that the visitors will know where they are. I started the day by lookingContinue reading “A standard Sunday cycle ride (at the wrong time)”

Running the new lens in

Today’s picture is another from Bruce’s recent visit to the Isle of Arran. We had another lovely shirtsleeve day today.  I didn’t cycle as I had tasks to do including taking the car to the garage to see if they could see what was keeping one of the doors permanently locked.  They could but theyContinue reading “Running the new lens in”

Ringing and riding

Today’s picture is of a brand new peony which has appeared in the garden. It was a calm pleasant day and ideal for bird ringing so I had a quick breakfast and Sandy kindly picked me up at 7 a.m. and we went off to see what Cat was up to at the moorland feederContinue reading “Ringing and riding”

Old History

There is no current significance to this picture but I have put it here as it is two years, more or less to the day, since I started this blog and this was the first picture that appeared.  I note, somewhat sadly considering my present state of health,  that I cycled a hundred miles, includingContinue reading “Old History”

A full day of fun

Today’s picture, taken at my 70th birthday party last year by my stepmother Pat, shows those two most regular commentators, my sisters Susan and Mary. Thanks to a slight deviation in the jetstream, the weather has been unusually stable over the past few days, reasonably warm for the time of year (40°F to 50°F), reasonablyContinue reading “A full day of fun”

Miserable morning

Today’s picture is another from my brother’s visit to a bird sanctuary.  It is a takahe and must be the most thoroughly ringed bird in the world. It was another lovely, sunny day today.  Sadly for the frog, it was below freezing and the frogspawn in the pond was thoroughly frozen.  I was quite pleasedContinue reading “Miserable morning”

A lot of sitting down

Today’s picture is a snowy scene.  I hope this is not the start of two months of bad cycling weather like last year. Although the scene in the garden looks quite snowy, there wasn’t enough snow to coat the hills round the town as you can see from this picture of Whita Hill. There isContinue reading “A lot of sitting down”