Successful outings

The guest picture of the day is another view of Bilbao from my brother.  He comments that there was not much evidence of water borne traffic. In contrast to yesterday’s grey start to the month of May, today was much more cheerful with plenty of sunshine and not a sign of any rain. It wasContinue reading “Successful outings”

Infernal cheek

Today’s picture shows Granny in our garden.  It was taken by Mrs Tootlepedal using Granny’s iPad.  Granny has been video conferencing with her son in the Scilly Isles today.   Even the harshest judge would have to admit that she looks and acts pretty sprightly for 96. The weather was as cheerful as Granny todayContinue reading “Infernal cheek”

An unexpected bonus

Today’s picture shows a colourful dell in the garden at Bodnant which my brother visited after whizzing up Snowdon (1085m) in Wales. I didn’t whizz up anywhere in the morning because once again, a very strong northerly wind was making cycling uninviting, especially as I was quite tired after my lawn care activities yesterday.  IContinue reading “An unexpected bonus”

Up, up and awhey

Today’s picture, sent to me by my sister Susan, shows a model of a Nicholas Hawksmoor church which has been created by one of these fancy new 3D printers.  I want one. I have rarely tried a ‘health’ product, being of the view that a well regulated diet (porridge and mince and potatoes) and aContinue reading “Up, up and awhey”

High spot

Today’s picture, sent by my son Tony, shows one of the parts for the base of the new Forth Road Crossing being moved up the Forth.  He says that in real life it is absolutely huge. We had yet another sunny, hot day to enjoy so once again we set out to be full timeContinue reading “High spot”