The car before the storm

Today’s guest picture comes from my camera club friend Simon. I met him by chance in Carlisle today, so I thought that he should appear here too. This is another from his recent walk to High Cup Nick. I had to get up early today as I was taking the car in for a serviceContinue reading “The car before the storm”

Waiting for the car

Today’s guest picture comes from my Welsh correspondent Keiron. This is one of his cycling routes. I had a topsy turvy day today. Since lockdown started two years ago, I have got into the habit of having a quiet morning in, usually with the newspapers, the crossword and some sociable coffee, and then trying toContinue reading “Waiting for the car”

Tea in the park with Mrs Tootlepedal

Today’s picture shows a camel which impressed Mary Jo from Manitoba when she went to have a look at Queen Victoria’s modest tribute to her husband, the Albert Memorial. It is a rather brief post today as everything in the garden was very soggy after some heavy overnight rain… …and we had to have anContinue reading “Tea in the park with Mrs Tootlepedal”