Another new visitor

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my son Alistair and shows the little girl that makes Mrs Tootlepedal a grandmother.   Our best wishes go to Alistair and his wife Clare.  We hope to go to visit mother and baby quite soon. The arrival of our grandchild was a much more complicated affair thanContinue reading “Another new visitor”

Back on the bike

Today’s guest picture is of a showy bed of tulips in Regents Park, London where my daughter Annie was taking a walk. We are almost beginning to forget the five months of gloomy weather that have just passed as the present dry and sunny spell continues, bringing joy to the hearts of the townspeople ofContinue reading “Back on the bike”

Unusual weather event

Today’s guest picture, from my sister Mary, shows Mrs Tootlepedal and Pat on a Christmas walk last week. It was raining again when we got up so I had breakfast and sensibly went back to bed again.  I rose gracefully from my resting place just in time for a cup of coffee, kindly provided byContinue reading “Unusual weather event”

Seeing the light

Today’s picture shows the 13th century Cathedral in Toledo which my brother and his wife visited yesterday by high speed train.  He thought that the journey was well worth while. It was a generally sunny, quite calm day today but as the temperature was only three degrees, I gave up any thoughts of cycling.  MyContinue reading “Seeing the light”

Autumn creeping in

Today’s guest picture is another from my sister Mary and shows some regal pelicans in a royal park in London.  I’m glad that I don’t have to feed them.  The queen can probably afford it. Mrs Tootlepedal had another really early start to make breakfast for our guests but I wasn’t able to have aContinue reading “Autumn creeping in”


Today’s guest picture is a detail from a photograph taken by my sister Mary showing the evening sunlight illuminating St Paul’s Cathedral across the Thames. We had heard the heavy rain battering the house overnight and it was still going strong when we got up.  Mrs Tootlepedal was up well before six o’clock to makeContinue reading “Surprise”


Today’s guest picture comes from my Newcastle correspondent, Fiona.  She tells me that they were having a family pedal in the Rising Sun Park when they saw this striking toadstool. The day started badly.  I got up early as Dropscone and I had arranged to start half an hour before our usual time to beatContinue reading “Trepid”

A pedal, a walk and a tootle.

Today’s picture shows a rather selective burst of autumn colour seen by my daughter. The weather here recently has remained very reasonable, except for the strong winds.  Luckily for my plans, the wind had dropped this morning and I was feeling well enough for a tentative pedal with Dropscone.  We set off round the morningContinue reading “A pedal, a walk and a tootle.”

Smiling and waving

Today’s picture, in the continued absence of a guest photo, shows the sun setting on Whita behind the house this evening. The sun shone pretty well all day which was most welcome.  Well, almost all day, as a particularly sharp shower caught Dropscone in the last few miles of his after breakfast pedal meaning thatContinue reading “Smiling and waving”

Making the best of the day

Today’s picture shows my sister-in-law Catherine admiring a South African locomotive in a Welsh station at Porthmadoc on their recent Welsh holiday. It was another lovely morning and this time, I had nothing to stop me making the most of it on my speedy bike. It was warm enough for me to shed all superfluousContinue reading “Making the best of the day”