A quiet day by the river

Today’s picture (from my younger son in the US)  is another example of German glass working skill from the Natural History Museum of Harvard. The weather today was as good as anyone has any right to expect.  The wind was kind, the sky was blue and  the temperature was just in that perfect spot betweenContinue reading “A quiet day by the river”

Start of the tourist season

Today’s picture, submitted by Dropscone, shows just how wet everything still is.  This is the result of getting a tractor or two stuck on our golf course. We set out early for our morning pedal as the forecast offered rain later.  In the end, we need not have bothered because it turned out to beContinue reading “Start of the tourist season”

Tails of the river bank

Today’s picture is a welcome return for Maisie, wearing a very fetching line in hats.  I am told that she is particularly fond of her Grandpa. I didn’t get up at half past six to go cycling today because a) it was raining and b) I needed a lie in.  In the end, I gotContinue reading “Tails of the river bank”

A pedal, a waddle and a tootle

Today’s picture shows Alistair’s eagle in  a less threatening posture.  It does show how clever the jointing is on the model. The weather turned out to be very nice today in spite of a not very promising forecast and in the absence of Dropscone on golfing business, I got myself up and organised and pedalledContinue reading “A pedal, a waddle and a tootle”

From dawn till dusk (nearly)

Busy people warning:  long post with far too many pictures. Today’s picture is of poor quality but shows the arrival in our garden of the first bee of the year.  Hooray. Here’s to many more we hope. As well as the bee, we also had a visit from bird ringing expert, Cat Barlow who arrivedContinue reading “From dawn till dusk (nearly)”

Down came the rain

For some reason this blog didn’t appear last night when I wrote and thought that I had published it. Apologies. The picture of the day was sent to me by Bruce who is enjoying the delights of York.  It shows the river Ouse in some welcome sunshine. The weather couldn’t have been more different hereContinue reading “Down came the rain”

A little learning

Today’s picture shows my old place of work standing above the building site which is going to provide a replacement.  I bet the new building doesn’t last as long as the old one. It was another cold, cold morning with a bitter east wind of considerable strength and I sensibly decided to forgo any thoughtContinue reading “A little learning”

A Dark day

Today’s picture shows a clump of snowdrops on the garden looking a bit depressed in the rain and cold. I was a bit depressed in the rain and cold too as I was hoping for a cycle ride but couldn’t face the conditions.  Instead I spent a lazy morning of constructive idling until Mrs TootlepedalContinue reading “A Dark day”

Will this fine weather never end?

Today’s picture shows a Zulu dancer and his group who were performing in Langholm today.  Not the sort of thing we see every day. The Zulu group rounded off a very good day indeed. The day started, as usual on the first Saturday of a month, with a visit to our local producers’ market whereContinue reading “Will this fine weather never end?”

A full day

Today’s picture illustrates the general unfairness of life.  It shows that spring has already come to my sister Mary’s garden in London in fine style. We haven’t got spring here although there are odd hints of it about but we did have another wall to wall blue sky day.  Clear skies at dawn tend toContinue reading “A full day”