Not at home

Today’s picture is of a bird in New Zealand sent to my sister Susan by a friend. It looks quite chilly there.  It was fairly warm but overcast here and at breakfast time, Sandy rang me up and asked if I wanted to visit a sand martin nest site.  As the forecast was for rainContinue reading “Not at home”

A mass gull post

Today’s picture shows the sparrowhawk visiting our garden yesterday when I was out.  It was captured by an alert Mrs Tootlepedal on her little camera through the kitchen window.  (She also saw a hedgehog but it was too quick for her.) Today was another reasonable day wasted by lack of cycling but my wrist isContinue reading “A mass gull post”

Here and there

Today’s picture shows a New Zealand stitchbird which was attracted to my brother’s camera range by his mobile phone playing bird calls at it.  Crumbs, that’s clever! It was a fine, frosty day.  I thought it much too cold and potentially slippery for cycling so when Mrs Tootlepedal went off to work, I spent aContinue reading “Here and there”

Expert analysis

Today’s picture is of my flute pupil, Luke. He has been practising hard and is making good progress. The weather dawned fine and warm but the forecast threatened rain later. Dropscone was taking medical advice so I was on my own for a pedal. I had met Kevin, a near neighbour and bike enthusiast, atContinue reading “Expert analysis”