A bright afternoon

Today’s guest picture is another of the pond in Regent’s park. It was taken by my sister Mary who wants to point out the charm of  added coots. Once again our weather was lacking a bit of charm in the morning, being grey and windy with occasional rain.  I wasn’t tempted onto my bicycle asContinue reading “A bright afternoon”

Anyone here called Noah?

Today’s guest picture comes from my younger son and shows a mixture of the old and new in Boston, which he visited last year. Another miserable, wet and windy day greeted us when we woke up.  If Mrs Tootlepedal hadn’t been going off to sing in the church choir, we might well have tucked theContinue reading “Anyone here called Noah?”

A long lunch

Today’s delightful guest picture, which was taken yesterday by my sister Mary, shows the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park, London. We had yet another grey day here today but still quite warm for the time of year.  After a leisurely breakfast, I decided that there was time for a quick pedal before lunch.  I wentContinue reading “A long lunch”

The first tootle of the year

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my Newcastle correspondent and shows what heights a grown man can reach when  the weather is bad. As far as our weather went today, the forecasters seemed to have been a bit over exuberant in their threats of gale force winds and lashing rain and we gotContinue reading “The first tootle of the year”

As predicted

I am still lacking a guest picture at the moment so here is a flower from the garden.  There will not be many years when you will be able to find a wallflower in bloom here so near to the winter solstice. The weather forecasters hit the nail on the head today and we hadContinue reading “As predicted”

Full timetable

Today’s guest picture, from my brother Andrew, shows how to make the best of a dull wall.  This is the Birmingham Library (I think). I had a busy day from start to finish and there was little time to use the camera and little light on another grey day to get a good picture whenContinue reading “Full timetable”

A pedal, a snooze and a tootle

Today’s guest picture was kindly sent to me by Sandra, a local reader, who was impressed by the Buttermere reflections and sent me a cracking reflection from the Tibetan Monastery at Eskdalemuir to go with them. Photographers are often encouraged to obey the rule of thirds when composing a picture but today I applied theContinue reading “A pedal, a snooze and a tootle”