Getting a lecture

Today’s picture of the day shows Mrs Tootlepedal’s nephew Owen hard at work making gingerbread men. Mrs Tootlepedal herself was busy making her walnut and banana loaf in preparation for the arrival on some more early season guests.  I look forward to eating any that the guests leave as it is among my favourite snacks.Continue reading “Getting a lecture”

On a clear day you could see quite well

Today’s picture shows my sister Susan on Mt Taranaki in New Zealand where she is visiting friends and linking up with my brother and his wife who are also there.  He sent me this picture. We were just as sunny as that today but  we were a lot colder and I had to break theContinue reading “On a clear day you could see quite well”

On a clear day

Today’s picture was taken by my neighbour Liz last month on the top of Castle Hill.  She has got many fine pictures on her phone but we have only just managed to show her how to get them off it.  It was full to bursting when she took this one so she couldn’t get aContinue reading “On a clear day”

Dull day

Today’s picture  taken in one of California’s State Parks by Gavin’s son Fraser, shows the depredations of a red woodpecker on an innocent tree. Our glorious spell of sunshine came to an end today but the rain still held off which made it a good day for cycling.  Unfortunately, one of our B&B guests hadContinue reading “Dull day”

A full day

Today’s picture illustrates the general unfairness of life.  It shows that spring has already come to my sister Mary’s garden in London in fine style. We haven’t got spring here although there are odd hints of it about but we did have another wall to wall blue sky day.  Clear skies at dawn tend toContinue reading “A full day”

Back on track

Today’s picture from Dropscone’s French adventure shows that he has been dragged off the golf course by his children for long enough to visit the market in Agen.  I hope he samples the famous prunes which are delicious. We woke to a frosty morning but without any wind or rain.  It was a morning tooContinue reading “Back on track”

Pedalling and paddling

Today’s picture shows the first snowdrop to be out in the garden this year. Today offered another cycling window amidst a poor forecast and Dropscone appeared very promptly in his anxiety not to get caught in the predicted rain.  We went round the traditional morning run down through Canonbie and back over the hill toContinue reading “Pedalling and paddling”

Run away

Today’s picture shows the nice shiny bike my daughter has just purchased for braving the streets of London. It has been well reviewed and she tells me that it is much lighter than her previous bike which can only be good.  She is of course putting mudguards on it. The reason that I took soContinue reading “Run away”

Snowed under

Today’s picture shows Wauchope Street at 1.30 a.m. this morning when we got back from the Gilnockie Burns Supper. It had been snowing like that for some hours and it became a distinct possibility that either the supper would be cancelled or we wouldn’t be able to get to it.  In the end, thanks toContinue reading “Snowed under”

A brief respite

Today’s picture, from my brother Andrew includes a bridge over a swollen Sor Brook near Banbury.  Rain everywhere. It was a brighter day here when I got up and there was even a hint of sunshine.  To compensate for this, there was a bitter wind blowing.  Sandy and I felt the extreme keenness of thisContinue reading “A brief respite”