In and around

Today’s picture shows an example of Mrs Tootlepedal’s craft skills.  I can’t say what it is because we don’t talk about it when it’s in the room. She has been working very hard to get it finished for the festive season.  Today was an ideal day for indoor work because for most of the morning,Continue reading “In and around”

Non slip

Today’s picture is another from my brother Andrew in New Zealand.  It shows a kaka, or brown parrot. We had another brilliantly sunny, still day to day with subzero temperatures which lasted the whole day.  It was definitley frosty. The goldfinches were feeling the chill. Though some were trying to get warm through exercise. IContinue reading “Non slip”

Golf at second hand

Today’s picture from her recent holiday in the Lake District was sent to me by my sister Mary. We woke to a light dusting of snow and below zero temperatures.  At last, I thought, a chance to wear the yaktrax.  To my disappointment, when I went out of the back door, the path was completelyContinue reading “Golf at second hand”

Wet walk

Today’s picture is another look at our resident robin…or it may be one  of a string of robins that visit us.  All robins look a bit the same to me. It was another gloomy morning and the only colour came from the birds. I think that the chaffinch gives an idea of the dampness ofContinue reading “Wet walk”

A bit of a frost

Today’s picture shows a chaffinch enjoying the sunshine I too would have enjoyed the sun if it hadn’t been freezing as well as sunny.  This put paid to the morning run as neither Dropscone or myself harbours any ambition to fall off in icy conditions.  We’ve tried it and it’s no fun at all. IContinue reading “A bit of a frost”

Up and away

Today’s picture is from Dropsocne.  He had to get up early to go to a golf competition yesterday (organising, not playing) and he caught this sunrise on the way to Kelso. He got up quite early again today and came round on his bike ready for the customary pedal.  I am still using the slowContinue reading “Up and away”

Meeting, eating and greeting

Today’s picture is Rosa Gallica Complicata which caught my eye while I was waiting for a bird to turn up. It was a rotten morning for anything today as there was a whistling gale and pouring  rain to greet us as we got up. I did not even contemplate a cycle ride so Dropscone andContinue reading “Meeting, eating and greeting”