Here and there

Today’s picture shows a New Zealand stitchbird which was attracted to my brother’s camera range by his mobile phone playing bird calls at it.  Crumbs, that’s clever! It was a fine, frosty day.  I thought it much too cold and potentially slippery for cycling so when Mrs Tootlepedal went off to work, I spent aContinue reading “Here and there”

Nothing doing

Today’s picture is a postcard sized embroidery on the theme of Guam which Mrs Tootlepedal has sewn as part of the Embroiderers’ Guild contribution to next year’s London Olympics. The weather continues in a miserable vein here.  It wasn’t too bad in the morning but as it was icy, I decided to wait until theContinue reading “Nothing doing”

Non slip

Today’s picture is another from my brother Andrew in New Zealand.  It shows a kaka, or brown parrot. We had another brilliantly sunny, still day to day with subzero temperatures which lasted the whole day.  It was definitley frosty. The goldfinches were feeling the chill. Though some were trying to get warm through exercise. IContinue reading “Non slip”