In and out

Today’s picture is another of a really splendid set of Lake District pictures that my brother sent to me after his recent trip.  This shows Buttermere village taken from a hill that he was coming down. My longest excursion of the day was a walk up to the town to visit the exhibition of ‘artContinue reading “In and out”

Steamed up

Today’s picture was taken especially for the blog by my brother as he pedalled along the Erewash Canal in Nottinghamshire.  Very nice it is too. Dropscone and I enjoyed a pedal ourselves this morning.  It was a lot cooler than it has been lately but the  absence of any wind made it very pleasant asContinue reading “Steamed up”

Water, water everywhere

Today’s picture was sent by daughter Annie.  She was at the Kennington Oval tonight to watch Surrey play Hampshire.  After the game she was of the opinion that Surrey were complete bobbins.  I don’t think that this is a compliment. Our spell of hit, sunny weather continued and Dropscone appeared on cue for a morningContinue reading “Water, water everywhere”

In the heat of the day

Today’s picture, sent by my brother, shows the hobby horse procession which is part of the mayor’s parade in Banbury where my brother lives.  It’s a big day there as you can see. We had an absolute 100%, cast iron, guaranteed summer day today, better than any day we had in the whole of lastContinue reading “In the heat of the day”

Three in one

Today’s picture shows Sam, my friend Bruce’s grandson, wearing a garment gifted to him by Mrs Tootlepedal. It was a perfect summer day for sitting about outside not doing too much and this was very fortunate as this was exactly our plan.  After a quick visit to the local monthly producers’ market for fish andContinue reading “Three in one”

At the end of the day

Today’s picture, sent by her mother,  shows Hannah, my friend Gavin’s granddaughter, with the biggest smile in Newcastle.  She is thinking of the tooth fairy. It was a very reasonable day for cycling and I had an invitation from Dropscone to go out for a morning run but unfortunately I also had an invitation fromContinue reading “At the end of the day”

Hanging around

Today’s picture comes from my son Anthony who is on holiday at Mojacar in the south of Spain. The day here started rather gloomily and Mrs Tootlepedal felt she needed her new waterproof coat as she pedalled off to sing in the church choir… …but it didn’t take long for things to brighten up andContinue reading “Hanging around”