A family day

Today’s guest picture shows a fine butterfly taken just outside Charlottesville, VA.  It was sent to me by Dropscone’s niece Hilary, who remarked that judging by its diet, its ancestors probably came over from Scotland during the clearances. It was another cool, grey and occasionally showery day but it was made much brighter by aContinue reading “A family day”

Unexpected interruptions

The guest picture of the day comes from Sandra who has a feeder outside the window of her house which sits up on the hill overlooking the town.  It is not the sharpest picture in the world, as I suspect that Sandra took it on her tablet through the window but how often do youContinue reading “Unexpected interruptions”

Midsummer but not as we know it.

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Mike Tinker and shows Cable Bay NZ – where the first telegraph cable came across the Tasman Sea from Tasmania in 1876.   He is on holiday in Wales now but this was taken on his visit to NZ in April.We had another unseasonably grey, chilly and sometimesContinue reading “Midsummer but not as we know it.”

Out to lunch

No guest picture of the day today (hint, hint) and a rather dull blog,  The picture below gives a clue as to why that should be. I was hoping to go a bit further but I got to bed too late last night and didn’t get up early enough today so that by the timeContinue reading “Out to lunch”

Getting the last mile or two out of the knee

Today’s guest picture features Bob.  He was captured by Liz, the clarinet playing daughter of veteran pennyfarthing cyclist Mike.  She has dug a camera out and is finding out about the settings.  She is doing pretty well so far in my view. We woke to another grey day but it was brightened by Mrs Tootlepedal’sContinue reading “Getting the last mile or two out of the knee”

Let there be light

The guest picture of the day is a sunrise over the Thames captured by my daughter on her phone while walking to work yesterday. Our early morning was not blessed with a cheery sunrise today but as they day went on, the weather got better and better until it got exhausted and burst into tearsContinue reading “Let there be light”

I nearly did two or three things today

Today’s guest picture comes from Venetia, an old friend of my sister Mary, who recently went on a nature and photography course in the Highlands and has kindly let me see some of her excellent results. After yesterday’s adventurous walks round Edinburgh, I had a thoroughly domestic day today.  Mrs Tootlepedal left shortly after breakfastContinue reading “I nearly did two or three things today”

At last, a little action

Today’s guest picture comes from my Newcastle correspondent who met these fearsome beasts on a trip to Wallington, a National Trust property near Morpeth. I didn’t take the opportunity to go for a morning pedal with Dropscone today and I am very happy about this as he tells me that he had a ride thatContinue reading “At last, a little action”


Today’s guest picture is another from my brother’s many excursions in NZ.  This time he was visiting a town called Thames, built during the Victorian gold rush, where he visited a famous cascade.  He says that the stream providing this splendid cascade is surprisingly small. I had a quiet day today.  I had to giveContinue reading “Quiet”