An interesting visit to Australia

Today’s guest picture arises from some coloured wools that Dropscone gave to Mrs Tootlepedal.  She converted some of them into a colourful edition of Shaun the Sheep and the picture shows Leo, Dropscone’s grandson, giving Shaun a warm welcome. There has been some wet and windy weather in Britain over recent days but by andContinue reading “An interesting visit to Australia”

The end of summer and a day of rest

Today’s guest picture is the penultimate from Dropscone’s adventures on Ben Nevis and shows the rugged nature of the upper slopes of the mountain which are above the tree line.  You can just spot the great man descending carefully. The gods of the weather, no doubt having felt that they had indulged us long enough,Continue reading “The end of summer and a day of rest”

The real thing

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by my Newcastle correspondent Fiona,  shows a selection of Newcastle bridges. We had another misty morning here followed by a glorious afternoon.   We will be praying for rain before we know where we are if this goes on. I started the day by putting a week of the newspaperContinue reading “The real thing”

A little strained

Today’s guest picture was taken by my brother Andrew who was prevented by bad weather from doing anything more interesting than cycling to the shops in Derby but still found time to take this picture of the old A52 Bridge across the Derwent. We had a lovely sunny day today but with a distinctly autumnalContinue reading “A little strained”

Trouser time

Today’s guest picture comes from Mary Jo in Manitoba and shows a really good excuse for taking a break from a painting job. Our good spell of weather ended with a day of strong winds.  However, the promised rain turned out to be no more than one or two early showers and I found aContinue reading “Trouser time”

Peering about

Today’s guest picture was given by Wattie to Gavin and then Gavin forwarded it to me.  It shows Wattie’s big tattie.  There will be quite a few chips made out of that when it’s cooked. The day started rather disappointingly for me although it looked very promising.  It was another fine, dry day with lightContinue reading “Peering about”

Good route choice

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by Matilda’s father, shows the great lengths that he and Clare go to in order to keep Matilda entertained. We were blessed with another dry day today with occasional sunshine and light winds. After the success of the gentle pedal and walk yesterday, I thought I might be ableContinue reading “Good route choice”

Bowled over by Bertha

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by the mother of Luke, my flute pupil.  They have been on holiday and enjoyed this atmospheric view of Loch Leven from their holiday cottage in Glencoe. We had another day here of being buffeted by ex tropical storm Bertha, although we got off lightly compared with theContinue reading “Bowled over by Bertha”


Today’s guest picture comes from Bruce who is obviously still  having a good time in Norfolk..  He found this friendly cafe in Wells-next-the Sea. I made a serious effort not to do anything to make my cold worse today.  The very strong wind may also have helped me to avoid the temptation to go cycling. Continue reading “Recuperating”

Back in the groove

Today’s picture, kindly sent to me by Tom Elliot, a Langholm exile in South Africa, shows a rather larger cat than the ones that try to eat the birds in my gatden. I had been feeling a bit tired yesterday and I had slept badly last night but today, the magic of pedalling when IContinue reading “Back in the groove”