Out and about and about.

Today’s guest picture from my sister Mary rather puts the bridges over the Kirtle Water into the shade. We woke up to a proper winter’s day today, with frost on the ground and a nip in the air.  At 1°C it still wasn’t below freezing point although it was too cold for me to goContinue reading “Out and about and about.”

Treacle treat

Today’s picture shows the kitchen window that I spend so much time looking through.  I thought it deserved a picture of its own. This was the day that I was due to return to cycling and it surprised me by being a very sunny day with not much wind.  Sometimes good things happen.  Dropscone appearedContinue reading “Treacle treat”

Mud, sweat and tears

Today’s picture is from the hills above Wellington, NZ.  Needless to say it was sent to me by my very vigorous brother Andrew. It was, as forecast, a sunny but below freezing start to the day.  Strangely, once again the pavements were ice free and I was able to go and get some milk fromContinue reading “Mud, sweat and tears”