A drop of golden sun (but just a drop)

Today’s guest picture comes from my friend Bruce who encountered this elegant pedal powered equipage in Malton. The morning dawned, as is customary, with grey skies and a persistent drizzle which sometimes veered into downright rain. Under these circumstances, to linger over breakfast and the newspapers for long enough to slide imperceptibly into coffee andContinue reading “A drop of golden sun (but just a drop)”

Off with the cough

Today’s picture shows my sister-in-law Catherine relaxing in the comfort of their new home.  It looks very cosy. In an exciting turn of events in the great kitchen saga, the tiler appeared today and began to affix the tiles to the wall. This last arrival adds to the list of two joiners, a plasterer, twoContinue reading “Off with the cough”

Magnum opera

Today’s picture shows a log lorry politely waiting behind some cows while going to pick up logs above Gaskell’s It just goes to show that it is not always cyclists who hold lorries up. It was a quiet, non windy, non rainy start to the day but unfortunately this meant that the ground was coveredContinue reading “Magnum opera”