Getting a hiding

Today’s guest picture was taken by my brother on his recent skiing trip.  It was sent to me by my sister Susan because it shows Mt Taranki in NZ under whose imposing slopes she lived for several years. Our unusual spell of dry September weather (the driest for fifty years they say) continued today andContinue reading “Getting a hiding”

Back to normal

Today’s guest picture shows my brother Andrew skiing on Mt Ruahepu in New Zealand.  He gets about. After the excitement of yesterday’s grand day out, we were back to normal today, dead heading poppies, wandering about the garden, watching birds, cooking, cleaning and ironing.  (You can guess which of those things I took most partContinue reading “Back to normal”


Today’s guest picture shows a splendid book bench in London.  My sister Mary sent me the photo.  It celebrates ‘The Railway Children’   (My eldest sister Susan took some  pictures of other examples of these benches and you can see them on one of her posts here.) It was a warm and calm but cloudy dayContinue reading “Recovery”

Slow day

Today’s artistic guest picture was sent to me by a fellow blogger Marie who saw a guest picture from my daughter-in-law of a cruise ship in Leith and was reminded of the days when she worked in the cruise business. It shows the Swan Hellenic ship, Minerva. We had a cool and dry morning toContinue reading “Slow day”

Bike shopping

Today’s guest picture is a vivid view of the south bank of the Thames at night captured by my brother a few days ago. It was a dry and sunny day and it would have been ideal for the morning run with Dropscone had there not been a very stiff breeze blowing.  It was stillContinue reading “Bike shopping”


Today’s picture comes from my ever travelling brother.  He is in Madrid with his wife at the moment.  He went to a concert with a modern piece of music based on some of the writing of Kafka.  He said that Kafka sounded a bit depressed but not as depressed as some of the audience whoContinue reading “Tired”

No icing on the cake

Today’s picture shows some creatures encountered by my daughter Annie when she was out on a cycle ride in London.  These big cities are dangerous places. I just had time to pop along the road to the producers’ market in the Buccleuch Centre and take a few flower pictures for the record before it startedContinue reading “No icing on the cake”


Today’s guest picture shows a friendly lion which Bruce encountered at the Railway World Cafe in Peterborough. We are currently stuck under a layer of thick grey cloud which would not be encouraging me to go out and take pictures even if I was feeling on tip top form (which I am not). The morningContinue reading “Vertical”


Today’s picture is a photograph of a sunny day at Wisley, an RHS garden which was visited last month by my recorder playing friend Jenny. The Wisley picture is there to act as a contrast to an otherwise grey and gloomy day of weather here.  Mrs Tootlepedal went off to work and I started offContinue reading “Grey”


Today’s picture shows a curious building which my brother Andrew tells me is Queen Victoria’s tea house at Frogmore, which he visited not long ago.  I just have my tea in a mug. The year is in a sort of pause mode at the moment.  The temperature is still quite warm and  summer-like but theContinue reading “Waiting”