Over the hills and quite far away

Today’s guest picture comes from our son Tony’s partner Marianne. She had a striking view from her place of work today. We had another good day here, but neither quite as sunny nor quite as warm as yesterday. This didn’t matter much to Mrs Tootlepedal who had a great raft of administrative tasks to getContinue reading “Over the hills and quite far away”

Catching a train

Today’s guest picture comes from my friend and ex colleague Marjorie, who spotted this little fellow near her house. We had another sunless day today, a little warmer than of late and a little less windy.  The strain of watching the Olympics is taking its toll with several late nights and I didn’t do anythingContinue reading “Catching a train”

Sitting about in the sun

Today’s guest picture shows a bridge over the River Otter in Devon taken by my sister Mary who was visiting friends nearby. We had another day of wall to wall sunshine today and we are getting used to having some good weather at last without having to worry about the next rain shower.  It isContinue reading “Sitting about in the sun”

Wild and woolly (and playing with trains)

Today’s picture is a cheery blackbird that was serenading me as I walked round the garden this morning. As you can see, the sun was very much in evidence today, although a few flakes of snow did fall on me while I was pedalling.  It was still very chilly (2°C) but the fact that theContinue reading “Wild and woolly (and playing with trains)”