Talking legs

Today’s guest picture is another lovely canal shot from Amsterdam.  This is one of my sister Mary’s views. After the excitement and sunshine of the past couple of days, today was relatively dull in more than one way.  It was cold and grey and windy.  Nevertheless I was thinking of a cycle ride but beforeContinue reading “Talking legs”

Never a dull moment

Today’s picture shows my middle sister Mary and an equally cheery tree.  I don’t know who took the picture unless she used a timer and took it herself. I should add for those interested in these sort of things, that my oldest sister Susan has started a blog of her own, detailing her life inContinue reading “Never a dull moment”

Calm before the storm

Today’s picture is an odd clock sent to me by my sister Susan.  It is an artwork or installation in the modern sense that anything that anyone says is art is art.  I would call it a curiosity. The forecast was for rain after our sunny spell and the forecast was right.  It rained prettyContinue reading “Calm before the storm”

Holiday – day two

Today’s picture was sent to me by Dropscone. It shows a bunch of grapes he saw growing outside in Kent. As he says, we don’t get many of them round here. The day was very rainy here and so it is a good opportunity to describ, as far as I can, the second day ofContinue reading “Holiday – day two”

A black and white day

Today’s picture is a siskin staring you in the eye It was a very varied day today. It started with a visit to the Tourist Information Point at the Kilngreen where I do odd stints during the season. The recent freeze had burst a pipe and Mrs Tootlepedal, Dropscone and I went along to helpContinue reading “A black and white day”