Subdued colours

Today’s long and thin guest picture comes from my brother Andrew who is in London at the moment. He passed by the Shard, an extremely tall building, but claimed that he couldn’t see the point of it. Although the temperature was comfortably above freezing today, it wasn’t a very welcoming day, being grey again andContinue reading “Subdued colours”

Several unexpected appearances

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother Andrew’s walk at Ashbourne.  When he had crossed that narrow bridge featured as guest picture a couple of days ago, he found that an earlier landowner had dammed the little river and produced a big lake. We had a surprise today when we woke up.  We foundContinue reading “Several unexpected appearances”

A day of (almost) unalloyed pleasure

Today’s picture shows the yellow rose featured a few days ago.  The rain had almost beaten it to the ground but in today’s sunshine, it magnificently lifted its head again. The day started well with the appearance of Dropscone, ready for the morning run.  We took the run the wrong way round to avoid theContinue reading “A day of (almost) unalloyed pleasure”

Hard work

Today’s picture shows one of Dropscone’s neighbours having a tree cut down in confined circumstances.  The picture was taken by his daughter I think. It was frosty first thing this morning and Dropscone was busy anyway so the morning ride was once again swapped for coffee and scones.  We bore this hardship with fortitude. IContinue reading “Hard work”

Home again

Today’s picture shows Mrs Tootlepedal’s mother having a little walk with her great grandson, Owen. There was work to be done today with no time for cycling.  I went up to the Archive Centre to complete the printing out job for my correspondent which I had begun yesterday.  Also at the Centre was Nancy, oneContinue reading “Home again”

There’s always a price to pay

Today’s picture is another look at the Thames from my sister Mary’s walk of yesterday. Today was summer.  I took the opportunity to take three general pictures of the garden. One of the things that you discover when you take pictures in our garden, is that we are surrounded by houses. When you are inContinue reading “There’s always a price to pay”