Any amount of rain to spare

My daughter has sent another clue as to her whereabouts for me to use as guest picture of the day. I take it that this is quite a well known building. It was very windy when we woke up and this led me to make less good use of a dry morning than I shouldContinue reading “Any amount of rain to spare”

All singing…but no dancing

Today’s guest picture is the last of the series of Dropscone and family’s ascent of Everest Ben Nevis.  It shows that at 13.44 on 7th September 2015, his youngest son Ben was undoubtedly the highest person In Great Britain. When I looked at the five day forecast for Langholm early yesterday, it showed rain forContinue reading “All singing…but no dancing”

At last a little calm

Today’s guest picture from my Newcastle correspondent is another from the recent Latino celebration there.  They don’t dress like this every day in Newcastle. The temperature hadn’t managed to creep up very much today but the wind had dropped a lot so after hanging around for quite some time…. ….in the hope that things mightContinue reading “At last a little calm”

My knee is the root of all evil

Today’s guest picture is a detail of a very decorative ceiling seen by my sister Susan whose own blog has a series of very interesting visits recorded on it. As a result of applying a rare quantity of good sense to my back as well as a bit of self massage and some heat, itContinue reading “My knee is the root of all evil”

Getting a present

Today’s guest picture comes from a damp walk in the Chilterns undertaken by my daughter Annie. Mrs Tootlepedal went off to sing in the church choir at the Remembrance Sunday service at the church while I set about preparing a venison stew for the slow cooker and then considered a quick pedal.  The consideration turnedContinue reading “Getting a present”

Out in the country

Today’s picture has been sent to me by Gavin who is on holiday in the Northern Isles.  It shows a chambered cairn in Sanday.  To see more of his holiday snaps visit his blog. I took a risk today.  Dropscone was playing golf and so was not available for cycling.  I have found it veryContinue reading “Out in the country”