A bit of a blow

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew. He visited Sheffield for cultural purposes recently and enjoyed a sunny spell while he was there. We had a very occasional glimpse of the sun here today, but in general it was grey and pretty windy again. Dropscone came round for coffee, bringing some of his excellentContinue reading “A bit of a blow”

A well timed call

Today’s guest picture comes from our younger son, Alistair. The builders provided a cherry tree in his little garden when he bought his house. It is doing well. We woke to another grey and often rainy day, which was only brightened by the arrival of our neighbour Margaret for coffee. She was in a cheerfulContinue reading “A well timed call”

I wandered lonely in a cloud

Today’s guest picture comes from Sandy. He has temporarily forsaken Langholm for some sun, sea, and sand in Benidorm. He was impressed by this tree. We could have done with a bit of that sunshine here today but it wasn’t to be. It was reasonably warm (10°C/50°F) by the afternoon and pretty calm too, butContinue reading “I wandered lonely in a cloud”

Damped down

Today’s guest picture comes from our son Tony, and it just goes to show that the sun doesn’t always shine in East Wemyss. We have left our frosty nights behind for the moment at any rate, and it was pleasantly warm when I went out to fill up the bird feeder at breakfast time. TheContinue reading “Damped down”

A damp squib

Today’s guest picture comes from my Manitoba correspondent Mary Jo. Wide awake readers looking at the picture will probably realise that she is not currently in Manitoba. She is house sitting on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii and this was her breakfast view. She tells me that it’s a tough job but that someone hasContinue reading “A damp squib”

Wet again

Today’s guest picture comes from new camera club member James. He couldn’t get to the last meeting but he did send me this delightful study of Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand. Once again, there was no sign of sunshine here today, as yet another grey morning trundled off the weather gods’ production line. A smallContinue reading “Wet again”

Not quite on top form

As today was another grey day, I asked our son Tony to send me some recent East Wemyss sunshine for a guest picture to cheer me up. He obliged with several and I chose this one. It really was very gray this morning when I got up unusually early for me. The reason for myContinue reading “Not quite on top form”

Songs of various types

Dropscone has been on holiday in Malta and today’s guest picture, which he sent to me from there, indicates that he was probably not starving, even though there don’t seem to be any scones on offer. We had another grey and blustery day here today, but it stayed dry apart from a smattering of drizzleContinue reading “Songs of various types”

Frost and mist

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew. He and my sister Mary visited Kings Place in London this morning and found the canal looking resplendent in the brilliant sunshine. By contrast, we had another frosty morning here (-3°C when we got up) without any compensating sunshine to cheer us up. The wind was lightContinue reading “Frost and mist”

A late start

Today’s guest picture comes from our friend Bruce. He was across in the north east today visiting Cragside, an interesting house and garden. After a moonlit night, it was very grey here when we got up, but at least this meant that the temperature was above freezing. It was only just above freezing though, soContinue reading “A late start”