I can see clearly now

Today’s picture, taken by Mrs Tootlepedal as she came home from her walk, shows the author at work through the sitting room window. The ointment provided by the hospital had had a very good effect on my eye so that when I woke up it was pain free which was a blessing. It was rainingContinue reading “I can see clearly now”

One in the eye

Today’s picture, taken by Mrs Tootlepedal shows me in the role of the pirate king. This entertaining cameo came about because I have got conjunctivitis. I really don’t know how this could have happened because it says on the internet that it is a disease that mostly old people are likely to acquire. I wokeContinue reading “One in the eye”

A song and a smile

Today’s picture, from my sister Mary, is of a striking sculpture at Marble Arch in London. What it signifies is hard to tell.   It was a grey day with a slight drizzle but the wind was light and the temperature just above 3º so the morning ride was on. In fact, in spite ofContinue reading “A song and a smile”

Magnum opera

Today’s picture shows a log lorry politely waiting behind some cows while going to pick up logs above Gaskell’s It just goes to show that it is not always cyclists who hold lorries up. It was a quiet, non windy, non rainy start to the day but unfortunately this meant that the ground was coveredContinue reading “Magnum opera”

More action

Today’s picture, taken by my sister Mary, is of  a squirrel in Regent’s Park. This was the best day for ages, the temperature above 4º by 9 o’clock, the sun shining and only a light wind. The morning run with Dropscone and Chuck was a pleasure, if still not very speedy. Looking at the forecastContinue reading “More action”

A day of action

Today’s picture, taken by Dropscone, shows me practising my putting before playing nine holes of golf this afternoon. The day started with a bonus as Chuck Muir joined Dropscone and me  for our morning ride. It was still pretty cool but there was no danger of meeting black ice so we wrapped up well andContinue reading “A day of action”

Static and dynamic

Today’s picture is of a siskin’s head. The only bird that stood still all morning. Today was the day of the RSPB garden bird count so as soon as I had finished my porridge, I set about counting the birds in the garden. You are supposed to count the most of any one sort thatContinue reading “Static and dynamic”

The benefits of old age

Today’s picture, from the camera of Dropscone, shows Arthur at work on the golf course. I was disappointed to find out that the better weather had not in any way abated his enthusiasm for indexing. Although it was not freezing this morning, Dropscone and I reckoned it was still too cold for sensible cycling soContinue reading “The benefits of old age”

A pedal and a tootle

Today’s picture was taken on a recent walk on Whita Hill by my tootling friend Susan. It certainly has that romantic air which the landscape painters loved. The day started with a ride round the morning run with Dropscone. He has got a heart monitor after reading an article on getting fit in a magazineContinue reading “A pedal and a tootle”

Quieter day

Today’s picture is of swans in the Longtown gravel pit. As Mrs Tootlepedal and my sister have both contributed swans to the blog, I thought I should do my bit too. In any other year, today would have ranked as a very nice day for January but after the explosion of light of yesterday, itContinue reading “Quieter day”