The wheels on the bus go round and round

Today’s guest picture shows the church at Kirkton of Rayne in Aberdeenshire.  The picture was taken by my friend Bruce and was of special interest to him and his wife because her great- great-uncle was minister there from 1875 to 1909. I got up early again and put another week of the newspaper index intoContinue reading “The wheels on the bus go round and round”

Spring in my step

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by Sandra Waller, shows a good crowd at the Garden of Cosmic Speculation.  It is a 30 acre sculpture garden created by landscape architect and theorist Charles Jencks at his home, Portrack House, near Dumfries.  The reason for the crowd is that the garden is only open for one day inContinue reading “Spring in my step”

General gloom

Today’s guest picture is another look at South African exile Tom’s Orange River Old wagon Bridge.  Unlike our bridges, it rests on metal pillars. The iron bridge was built by Scottish Engineers Breston and Gibbons 1878-1882 It is going to be a short post today for two or three reasons.  Politically it was a depressing dayContinue reading “General gloom”

Holey moley!

Today’s guest picture comes from ex-archivist Ken who has returned to the north east of England where he was able to take this picture of the Millennium Bridge over the Tyne on a lovely day. Lovely days were in very short supply here which was a disappointment after yesterday’s glorious weather.  The hills were coveredContinue reading “Holey moley!”

Song cycle

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother’s visit to Exeter.  It is self explanatory. (Just in case it isn’t self explanatory, here is a link.) We had a pretty strong indication from the Met Office that it was going to rain in the afternoon.  This meant that if I wanted a pedal, I wouldContinue reading “Song cycle”

Birds and bridges

Today’s guest picture comes from my Somerset correspondent, Venetia, who went to watch a murmuration of starlings recently.  You can see more pictures  of her visit on her blog. I too went to look at some birds today with Mrs Tootlepedal.  It was a glorious morning and it was no hardship at all to takeContinue reading “Birds and bridges”

A damp adventure

Today’s picture shows the daughter of my younger son’s oldest friend on a visit to Langholm from her native USA.  Ellie was very cheerful in spite of the persistent rain. I did mind the rain because it made photography difficult and getting about tedious.  I wanted to take some pictures of the mountain bike eventContinue reading “A damp adventure”