Got there at last

Today’s guest picture comes from our son Tony. As well as rain and snow in recent days, he has seen an owl too. Our run of cool days continued but once again we didn’t get a frost, although the thermometer wasn’t far above zero. It was pretty still again in spite of low pressure andContinue reading “Got there at last”

Pot hunting

Today’s guest picture is another from my daughter’s recent Hampshire holiday and shows a cliff which looks as though it has had a few batterings over the centuries. It was a dry and sunny day here but a brisk northerly wind ensured that that we remembered that it was winter. Mrs Tootlepedal is pursuing herContinue reading “Pot hunting”

Soldering on

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother’s travels.  After visiting Dovedale, he headed on to Leicestershire and went past the charmingly named Grace Dieu Priory built in1250 AD.    As you can see, this was one of the many religious buildings that was dissolved.  This happened in 1538.  We had another non raining day todayContinue reading “Soldering on”