With a song and a smile

Today’s guest picture comes from our friend Bruce who was exploring the back ways of our neighbouring town of Annan when he came upon this attractive bridge. Perceptive readers may have noticed that I was feeling a little gloomy when I sat down to write last night’s post (thank you for the kind wishes expressedContinue reading “With a song and a smile”

Not a lot

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by one of my ex teaching colleagues, Ada.  She has been on a walking holiday in Tenerife, which looks from her picture to have been an excellent choice. I must apologise to regular readers who might justifiably expect a little variety every now and again in my postsContinue reading “Not a lot”

Where was that sunshine?

Today’s guest picture is another from Tony’s series of perfect weather in East Wemyss. We were promised good weather by noon and as it was still a bit chilly in the morning, I was more than usually happy to see Dropscone arrive (with traditional Friday treacle scones) for a cup of coffee or two.  IContinue reading “Where was that sunshine?”

Sing along

Today’s guest picture is another from Venetia’s visit to Yellowstone. It was  cold here again but not as cold as Yellowstone and we had another sunny day to take our mind off the near freezing temperatures. It was a choir Sunday with the church choir in the morning and the Carlisle choir in the afternoonContinue reading “Sing along”

Two mysteries solved

Today’s guest picture comes from former Archive Group member Ken who has gone back to the east coast where he is celebrating the twentieth birthday of the ‘Angel of the North’. It didn’t snow today.  This was quite unexpected but to make up for it, a shrewd and biting wind made going outside a bitContinue reading “Two mysteries solved”

With a song and a smile

Today’s guest picture comes from our friend Mike Tinker, who with his wife Alison  is visiting family in New Zealand.  He sent me this picture of a sunset at Bach and kindly added that the temperature there was 26 degrees.  It is zero here! A very rare thing happened today; I didn’t take any photographs. Continue reading “With a song and a smile”

A good start to the new month

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother’s birthday tour and shows a very United Kingdom team of bell ringers over a jeweller’s shop in Gloucester. The new month started in good style with a chilly but fine morning and it was a pleasure to see the sun and some blue sky. Even though it wasContinue reading “A good start to the new month”

Outside and inside

The last of my current set of guest pictures  (hint, hint) is a rather unorthodox setting for a Monteverdi concert that my sister Susan attended. Well, part of my wishes came true today and we had a day of almost uninterrupted sunshine.  Sadly, but predictably, the sunshine came with early frost and it was quiteContinue reading “Outside and inside”

Calm after the storm

Today’s guest picture comes from my Somerset correspondent, Venetia, who was wandering across the Somerset levels at East Lyng when she was passed by a freight train. From our point of view, it wasn’t much of a storm yesterday but it was certainly calm and sunny when we got up this morning.  From a cyclingContinue reading “Calm after the storm”