Today’s guest picture was taken by Mike Tinker when he was visiting a zoo in New Zealand.  Neither Mrs Tinker nor Mrs Tootlepedal are flattered in any way. The day started very grey and drizzly and I was more than happy to spend some of the morning sampling Dropscone’s scones with a bit of CumbrianContinue reading “Overshooting”

On song

Today’s guest picture is another from Ada.  She thought that a good burst of almond blossom might cheer us up.  She saw it on her recent holiday in Tenerife. We have got a bit of blossom indoors here at the moment.  Mrs Tootlepedal brought some snowdrops in from the garden and was amazed by howContinue reading “On song”

More meteorological mayhem

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by our daughter Annie.  She had just completed the task of barrowing in 80 bags of compost for the new raised beds which she has constructed on her allotment.  She remarked that she was a teeny bit tired.  Fancy that. I was in quite a perky mood todayContinue reading “More meteorological mayhem”

A long farewell to Edinburgh

Today’s guest picture shows the pretty church at Cavers which my neighbour Gavin passed while on a walk in the country near Hawick. I had a well organised day today with a sting in the tail. The morning started with a view of the feeder… …which was followed by a brief floral tour…. …and concludedContinue reading “A long farewell to Edinburgh”

A fond farewell

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew’s visit to Manchester recently.  He found this wonderful 1941 railway bridge across the ship canal there.  It is confined to walkers and cyclists these days, he tells me. After a wet and windy night, we had another rather grey morning today, made greyer by the fact thatContinue reading “A fond farewell”

Only got one pair of hands

In the absence of a genuine guest picture of the day, Mrs Tootlepedal’s current sampler modestly takes the stage to head up today’s post. We had the best day for what seems like months for cycling today.  Temperatures were safely above freezing, winds were light and several rays of sunshine were to be seen.  WhatContinue reading “Only got one pair of hands”

Staying at home

Today’s guest picture was taken by my flute pupil Luke’s mother.  Sharon works a few miles out of town and has had to drive through bad conditions.  This is why we stayed in today. The weather wasn’t quite so bad today as the forecast suggested but we abandoned two possible excursions and stayed quietly atContinue reading “Staying at home”

First steps

Today’s guest picture shows an ancient vehicle which my sister Susan saw the other day.  It was waiting to make an appearance in front of some film cameras. My recovery from my cold continued today with a lot less coughing and spluttering to be heard.  If this goes on, I will have to stop moaningContinue reading “First steps”

Over the hill at last

I have had a very good response to my request for guest pictures and I am working through them.  My thanks go to those who replied.  Today’s choice is a lovely view of Buttermere taken in the sun by my sister Mary and sent to me in a text message. We had a thoroughly sunnyContinue reading “Over the hill at last”

Three shades of grey

I am breaking with my usual practice of having a single guest picture by having two guest pictures today as I thought that they make an interesting contrast.  They were both taken today by a Mary but they are world’s apart.  The very efficient snow clearing routine in Brandon came from my correspondent Mary JoContinue reading “Three shades of grey”