Gone to pot

Today’s guest picture from my sister Mary shows Mr Grumpy’s London relative in Regent’s Park. Today’s chapter of the great end wall saga started well with the early arrival of the chimney pot removal gang and progressed smoothly with the actual removal of the aforesaid pot. While this was happening, I made some ginger biscuitsContinue reading “Gone to pot”

A fresh start

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my neighbour Gavin who is visiting his son Fraser and his family in California.  His son and my younger son have been good friends since they were at school.  Although obviously the title of world’s greatest baby is taken, Gavin tells me that his latest grandchild isContinue reading “A fresh start”

Get up and go gone

Today’s picture shows the scene that greeted us when we rose. Although some spring flowers have indeed appeared…. ….the weather doesn’t seem to realise what date it is and keeps on thinking that it is still midwinter. The snow meant that I was confined to barracks when Mrs Tootlepedal went off to sing in theContinue reading “Get up and go gone”