Anyone here called Noah?

Today’s guest picture comes from my younger son and shows a mixture of the old and new in Boston, which he visited last year. Another miserable, wet and windy day greeted us when we woke up.  If Mrs Tootlepedal hadn’t been going off to sing in the church choir, we might well have tucked theContinue reading “Anyone here called Noah?”

A little learning

Today’s picture shows my old place of work standing above the building site which is going to provide a replacement.  I bet the new building doesn’t last as long as the old one. It was another cold, cold morning with a bitter east wind of considerable strength and I sensibly decided to forgo any thoughtContinue reading “A little learning”

Treacle Friday

Today’s picture shows Guthrie considering something interesting that he and his walker came across today.  They found a set of false teeth on this fence post but in the interests of decency that part of the picture has been censored.  Maybe Guthrie was looking for the tooth fairy. Mrs Tootlepedal was off to work againContinue reading “Treacle Friday”


Today’s picture, taken today on a rare sunny day in London by my sister Mary on her morning walk, shows the lake at Kenwood House.  The bridge in the background is for decorative purposes only and leads nowhere. It was a foul, wet and windy day at breakfast and I was pleased that I wasn’tContinue reading “Discrepancy”