Stretcher case

Today’s guest picture, taken by my sister Mary on one of her walks, shows an artwork at the Tower of London.  It consists of ceramic poppies and when it is finished, it will surround the tower with a flood of poppies equal to the number of British and Commonwealth casualties of the First World War. Continue reading “Stretcher case”

From East to West

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by Bill J, shows a sparrowhawk outside his kitchen window.  Bill tells me that the hawk left after killing the pigeon and that he was just going out to pick it up to cook for himself, when the hawk came back and claimed it. The weather forecasters seem toContinue reading “From East to West”

Saddle up and westward ho!

Today’s guest picture is another from my sister Susan’s recent trip to Croatia.  She remarks that it is a scenic spot for a car park. The forecast promised us a day of sunshine and light winds and the forecast was exactly right.  This came as a welcome relief in a spell of strong winds andContinue reading “Saddle up and westward ho!”

Teething troubles

Today’s picture shows a very neatly stacked pile of Swiss firewood spotted by Dropscone’s sister Elizabeth while in the country. Mrs Tootlepedal went off to work again and I managed to stick to my plan and put the speedy bike in the back of the car and drive to Annan without any interruptions.  I hadContinue reading “Teething troubles”

Constructive resting

My sister Susan returned to the UK from NZ this morning but here is a recent picture of her admiring Lake Te Anau to prove that she was there.  It was taken by my brother. She has been banned from mentioning what the weather was like while she was in NZ.  At least we hadContinue reading “Constructive resting”

Out and around

Today’s picture is another from my sister Mary’s recent walk and shows London looking very compact when viewed from  Parliament Hill. It was dry and breezy when I woke so I got up into my cycling gear and quite soon after breakfast managed to organise enough energy to get the speedy bike out and pedalContinue reading “Out and around”

Dogging our footsteps

Today’s picture, sent by Bruce from North Berwick, shows the North Berwick Fire Station.  Sadly it has just suffered a catastrophic fire as you can see.   Only someone with no manners would find this funny. Another sub zero day and another visit to the gym, courtesy of Dropscone.  I felt a lot better today andContinue reading “Dogging our footsteps”

Mist out

Today’s picture, ruthlessly plundered from the NZ blog of Maisie’s mother, shows a fashion parade by her new chooks. We had another calm, sunny day today.  To make up for this, it was even colder than yesterday and the temperature hardly got above zero even in the middle of the day. It was the dayContinue reading “Mist out”

Lunch by the sea

Today’s picture shows Dropscone (left) and the rest of the Langholm Golf Club team that lost a match at Innerleithen today.  They seem to have taken the defeat well.  They appear to be a fine body of men in every way. We had another unnervingly fine, warm, still day today.  This is not the weatherContinue reading “Lunch by the sea”

No siskins

Today’s picture was sent to me by Dropscone’s niece, Hilary.  It shows a lugubrious shoebill that she met at Zurich Zoo. It was a gloriously sunny day today with the only drawback being that it was literally freezing when we woke up.  That put paid to any early cycling and I pottered up to theContinue reading “No siskins”